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AN00235 - Butterfly wings - a fragile biological nanostructure

Butterfly wings derive their colour both from the structure of the scale cells on their surface and from pigment grains.

Picture 1: 10x10µm image, z-range: 1.60µm

The image shows a AFM measurement of these optically invisible, fragile structure of a Butterfly wing.

The measurement was done in "Dynamic Force" operating mode.

Picture 2: 18.8x18.8µm image, z-range: 5.6µm

This image shows a Wing of a Peacock Butterfly.

It was measured with a Nanosurf easyScan DFM by Michael Drexel & Walter Freyn. Sample preparation Dr. Eckhard Hartmann (Augsburg University, Biology). Advanced Lab Course 20, Augsburg University, EKM, Experimentalphysik 6.

Download: AN00235 Butterfly wings.pdf

Link: http://www.physik.uni-augsburg.de/exp6/imagegallery/afmimages/afmimages_e.shtml