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1. NaioAFM
An affordable all-in-one AFM for nano education and small samples

2. NaioSTM
An easy entry into the world of atoms

3. FlexAFM
Your versatile research AFM for materials and life science

4. FluidFM
A multifunctional tool for single-cell biology, tissue engineering, nanopatterning and nanolithography

5. LensAFM
AFM for optical microscopes and 3D profilometers

A new tool for automated nanomechanical tissue diagnostics and soft material analysis

7. NaniteAFM
Mountable AFM for industry

8. Accessories
Everything to complement your Nanosurf SPM system

9. Easyscan 2 AFM
Modular AFM system for surface analysis at the nanoscale

10. Nanosurf Video
Your entry into the exciting world of nanoscale science and surface technology

Atomic Force Microscopes for Research and Industry

Nanosurf Instruments

Focusing on research and industrial atomic force microscopy applications, Nanosurf offers a full range of AFM imaging solutions in its "Nanosurf Instruments" product range. Several of these products combine atomic force microscopy with other technologies to open up unique new applications that go well beyond just imaging. In addition, Nanosurf offers custom solutions to complement the standard systems found in the list below.

Atomic Force Microscope Systems:

Single Cell Analysis and Manipulation - FluidFM


Multifunctional Tool for Single Cell Analysis and Manipulation

  • Nanofluidics combined with the positional accuracy and measurement capabilities of the FlexAFM
  • Specialized hollow cantilevers for a multitude of new experimental possibilities

Nanomechanical Tissue Diagnostics and Soft Material Analysis - ARTIDIS


Nanomechanical Tissue Diagnostics and Soft Material Analysis

  • Quantitative analysis of tissues and soft materials
  • Fully automated measurement of non-even surfaces
  • Fast, objective, and routine tissue diagnostics
  • Touchscreen interface for easy operation

Versatile Research Atomic Force Microscope - FlexAFM


Flexible Research Atomic Force Microscope for Materials and Life Science

  • Speed, Linearity, Flatness
  • Measurements in air and in liquid
  • Highest versatility, advanced measurement modes, and user-friendliness

Atomic Force Microscope for Upright Microscopes and Profilometers - LensAFM


Enhance Your Optical Microscope or Profilometer

  • Use the LensAFM instead of a regular lens objective to add the power of atomic force microscopy to your optical microscope or profilometer
  • Easy fitting and positioning, automated AFM approach, and quality images — intuitive handling all the way!

Automated Industrial Atomic Force Microscope - NaniteAFM


Automated Atomic Force Microscope for Industry

  • Reliable and fully automated AFM for surface inspections
  • High-resolution 3D surface data dramatically improve the quality of your QC
  • A 3-point mount and compact size make for easy integration into other analysis systems

Modular and Easy-to-Use Atomic Force Microscope - Easyscan 2 AFM

Easyscan 2 AFM

Modular AFM for Surface Analysis at the Nanoscale

  • A highly compact AFM that fits on every workbench
  • A stand-alone scan head that enables direct measurement on small and large samples alike
  • Dual lens observation optics and automatic approach

AFM for SEM - Ultraflat AFM Add-on for Your SEM


Atomic force microscope add-on for your scanning electron microscope

  • A super-flat atomic force microscope that is SEM/FIB load-lock compatible
  • 3D AFM data combined with SEM measurements
  • Effortless integration and operation

Atomic Force Microscope Accessories:


Everything for Your Nanosurf AFM System - Accessories

AFM Accessories

Everything to Complement Your Nanosurf AFM System

  • Vibration isolation stages and scan protection equipment for better imaging
  • Sample kits and probes to suit all requirements
  • Software to get the most out of your data