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Cantilever holder details.jpg

The Cantilever Holder

As central part of the AFM detection system, the cantilever holder contains cantilever alignment structures for exact cantilever positioning and all optics related to Nanosurf’s top and side view technology. It is magnetically attached to the scanner unit to allow quick removal from the scan head for easy cleaning and fast cantilever exchange. Four cantilever holder models are currently available, each optimized for its own specific task:

Cantilever Holder Air Only.jpg

1. The Cantilever Holder Air Only

The Cantilever Holder Air Only is the default cantilever holder for any FlexAFM system. Its CantiClip spring provides a very convenient way to hold and exchange a cantilever.

Cantilever Holder Liquid-Air.jpg

2. The Cantilever Holder Liquid/Air

With its SureAlign™ laser optics, the Cantilever Holder Liquid/Air adds liquid measurement capabilities to your FlexAFM. In addition to measuring in air and in a liquid droplet (as illustrated in the images to the right) it can dive directly into a layer of liquid with up to 6 mm in height, e.g. in a standard cell culture dish.

Cantilever Holder Scanning Thermal.jpg

3. The Cantilever Holder Scanning Thermal

Optimized for use with Anasys Instruments thermal probes, the Cantilever Holder Scanning Thermal allows scanning thermal microscopy as well as nano-TA measurements to be performed (see Thermal Measurement Options for details.

Cantilever Holder FluidFM.jpg

4. Cantilever Holder FluidFM

The Cantilever Holder FluidFM and matching CytoClips with premounted hollow cantilevers can be coupled to a microfluidics pressure control system to allow Fluid Force Microscopy in single cell applications and beyond (see FluidFM for details).