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FlexAFM Applications

Nanosurf application notes

AN00952 - Oxygen-free EC-AFM experiments with Electrochemistry Stage ECS 204
Oxygen-free EC-AFM with ECS 204
AN00878 - KPFM on polished stainless steel
KPFM on stainless steel
AN00877 - MFM on polished stainless steel
MFM on stainless steel
AN00836 - Single molecule force spectroscopy of bacteriorhodopsin
Unfolding of bacteriorhodopsin
AN00835 - High resolution imaging of the cytoplasmic side of bacteriorhodopsin
Hi-res imaging of bacteriorhodopsin
AN00831 - Lateral force microscopy on polystyrene-polybutadiene blend
PS-PB Lateral Force
AN00830 - Scanning temperature microscopy
AN00823 - ARTIDIS stiffness measurements on living cultured cells
ARTIDIS cell stiffness measurement
AN00821 - AFM topography of a living HeLa cell
HeLa cell
AN00747 - Electrochemical AFM
AN00563 - Bulk copper deposition on gold studied in an EC-AFM application using the FlexAFM
AN00559 - Analysis of ePTFE membrane using AFM
AN00539 - KPFM using the Nanosurf FlexAFM
AN00538 - Living Rat-2 cells imaged using the FlexAFM on an inverted microscope
Living Cells
AN00462 - Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM) with the easyScan 2 FlexAFM
Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM)
AN00428 - Lateral force contrast on dots produced by Dip-Pen Nanolithography
Thiols on gold
AN00426 - Imaging DNA with the AFM
AN00404 - Magnesium Fluoride coating
Magnesium Fluoride coating
AN00365 - Nanosphere Lithography
Nanosphere Lithography
AN00304 - Lithography by Local Oxidation of Titanium
AN00298 - Low current measurement on HOPG
AN00288 - Roughness of Solar Cell Layers
Poly-Si Solar Cell
AN00281 - Polished Ceramic Plate
Polished Ceramic
AN00263 - Bio chip - Defect analysis of injection moulded structures
Bio Chip
AN00254 - Strontium Ruthanate on Strontium Titanate
Strontium Ruthanate
AN00236 - Polished optics - low surface roughness
Polished Lens
AN00233 - Stainless steel - surface morphology study after polishing
Stainless Steel
AN00229 - Human hair treatement
Treated Hair
AN00228 - Textile fibres
Textile fibres
AN00219 - Pentacene Film on TiO2
AN00199 - Quantum Dots
Quantum Dots
AN00193 - Human Hair
Human Hair
AN00178 - Paper - Coating Morphology Analysis
Coated Paper
AN00164 - Screw dislocations in GaN
AN00160 - Stent surface - A tube used in medicine to keep arteries open
Stent surface
AN00125 - MFM-Measurement of bits on a Harddisk
MFM on Harddrive
AN00120 - Silicon wafer - a semiconductor sample
<111> Silicon
AN00116 - Titanium surface - Different morphology studies
AN00114 - Tooth Implant - morphology study
Tooth Implant
AN00072 - Stainless steel - surface modification with a stylus instrument
Stylus Damage
AN00068 - Ball point tip - Roughness quality control during production
Ball Point Tip
AN00063 - Cellophane Foil - Defect study of coating
Cellophane Foil
AN00059 - Polycarbonate Gratings
AN00058 - Tissue samples
Tissue samples
AN00054 - Gold film on Ceramic - Grain morphology and thickness study
Gold on Ceramic
AN00049 - Stainless steel - Metrology of indentations
AN00046 - Silicon Carbide - growth morphology analysis of thin film
Silicon Carbide
AN00038 - Neutron Mirror
Neutron Mirrors

Published articles

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