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A multifunctional tool for single-cell biology, tissue engineering, nanopatterning and nanolithography

New tools for automated nanomechanical tissue diagnostics and soft material analysis

Your versatile research AFM for materials and life science

Mountable AFM for industry

AFM for optical microscopes and 3D profilometers

Have you ever wanted to get fast 3D information in SEM?

An affordable all-in-one AFM for nano education and small samples

An easy entry into the world of atoms

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Everything to complement your Nanosurf SPM system

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Nanoscale science and surface technology

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Additional products

Everything to complement your Nanosurf SPM system

Nanosurf offers a selection of products that support the Nanosurf range. These are accessories from Nanosurf or selected products from other companies, specifically chosen for their ability to significantly improve the results of your Nanosurf SPM system.


Products such as the cantilevers are considered an integral part of our microscopes, and the quality of your results strongly depends on the quality of your cantilever and its tip. Active vibration isolation solutions, as another example, help to minimize the impact of vibrations on your measurements and maximizes your results. The Nanosurf Report software offers smart analysis solutions for consistent, efficient, and quantitative quality control reports. Tailored to the special needs of SPM applications, it brings you the most cost-effective nanometric surface analysis.