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Nanosurf NaniteAFM automated atomic force microscope

Mountable AFM for industry

The unparalleled small footprint of the NaniteAFM scan head makes it the ideal atomic force microscope for integration into automated industrial environments. With a resolution below one nanometer, the NaniteAFM is capable of detecting and visualizing even the smallest surface structures. Simple handling and a multitude of integration possibilities bring your product analyses to a whole new level. Check coatings for intended structures or irregularities alike, or use additional AFM measurement modes to detect features not visible in topography alone. Its ease of use and reproducibility make the NaniteAFM the perfect quality control tool for precision engineering, production process optimization, or semiconductor fabrication — just to name a few.

Large Custom NaniteAFM Automated Translation Stage.jpg

Main product features:

  • Mountable
  • Compact
  • Robust
  • High resolution digital camera
    (3.1 MP color top view,
    1.3 MP monochrome side view,
    simultaneous top and side view)
  • Automated measurements

Nanosurf NaniteAFM (orange) mounted on a custom-built automated translation stage

For further details, please download the NaniteAFM brochure or have a look at a description of the available automated translation stages and custom-built translation stages.

Feel free to contact us for further information or for a direct quote tailored to your application.