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1. NaioAFM
An affordable all-in-one AFM for nano education and small samples

2. NaioSTM
An easy entry into the world of atoms

3. FlexAFM
Your versatile research AFM for materials and life science

4. FluidFM
A multifunctional tool for single-cell biology, tissue engineering, nanopatterning and nanolithography

5. LensAFM
AFM for optical microscopes and 3D profilometers

A new tool for automated nanomechanical tissue diagnostics and soft material analysis

7. NaniteAFM
Mountable AFM for industry

8. Accessories
Everything to complement your Nanosurf SPM system

9. Easyscan 2 AFM
Modular AFM system for surface analysis at the nanoscale

10. Nanosurf Video
Your entry into the exciting world of nanoscale science and surface technology

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