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Nanosurf is a leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopes and scanning tunneling microscopes.

Our full range of AFM and STM products is trusted by professionals worldwide to help them visualize, analyze, and manipulate objects and surfaces at the nanoscale. Nanosurf microscopes excel through their smart design, innovative technology, and intuitive operation.


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Your versatile research AFM for materials and life science

Mountable AFM for industry

An all-in-one AFM for nano education and small samples

AFM for optical microscopes and 3D profilometers

Latest News

FlexAFM applications

FlexAFM application notes

Two new FlexAFM application notes on bacteriorhodopsin imaging and spectroscopy are now available in the FlexAFM application list.

The two application notes illustrate the capabilities of the C3000 controller in combination with the FlexAFM scan head.

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  • Graphene 2014
  • BIOtech 2014 in Japan
  • 3rd European FluidFM Workshop
  • Swiss NanoConvention 2014
  • 5th European Nanomanipulation WS
  • ISPM 2014
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