Discount on AFM Mode Kits in September!

After the success of its recent discount offer, Nanosurf is launching the next Webshop promotion...

Phase imaging mode kit
Phase image as measured with the kit

After the success of our recent discount on the Nanosurf Small Sample Heater and Controller, we are launching the next Webshop promotion offer:

In September, selected AFM Mode Kits are available at a discount of 33% !

The following items will be on offer:

BT06346 - Static force mode kit
BT06347 - Lateral force mode kit
BT06348 - Dynamic force mode kit
BT06349 - Phase imaging mode kit
BT06350 - Standard MFM mode kit
BT06352 - Standard spectroscopy mode kit
BT06353 - Standard lithography mode kit
BT06354 - Force modulation mode kit
BT06355 - Liquid imaging mode kit

Visit the Nanosurf Webshop in September and save!