FluidFM® for FlexAFM now called Flex-FPM

FluidFM® for FlexAFM now called Flex-FPM

The unique FluidFM® solution for the Nanosurf FlexAFM is now called Flex-FPM, the latter of which stands for FluidFM® Probe Microscope. With the new name we want to emphasize the compatibility with the FlexAFM product line, consisting of the Flex‑ANA, Flex‑Axiom, Flex‑Bio, and Flex‑FPM systems.

The system’s functionality stays the same, using the proven FluidFM® microfluidic control system and touchscreen-based FluidFM® ARYA operator software developed by Cytosurge. With this software, which integrates all hardware components and is optimized for FluidFM® experiments, Flex-FPM is more than just an AFM with hollow cantilevers.

Many publications have already shown the wide range of applications in nanomanipulation and single cell biology that are possible with a combination of AFM and FluidFM® technology.

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