GETec and Nanosurf join forces

GETec team

GETec Microscopy GmbH (Langenlois, Austria) and Nanosurf AG (Liestal, Switzerland) have signed a comprehensive agreement on technology and sales cooperation

In the last few years, GETec has developed AFSEM™ — a high-end atomic force microscope (AFM) for seamless integration into most of the commercially available scanning electron microscopes (SEM and SEM/FIB). The new system combines the benefits of SEM and AFM into one instrument, providing unique correlative analysis options.

The partners offer the AFSEM™ system exclusively in their respective territories: GETec and its partners sell in a select part of Europe, and Nanosurf and their partners to the rest of the world. The system integrates technical elements from both partners for optimal performance and flexibility.

"GETec and Nanosurf are a great fit on all levels. Bringing together the complementary technologies from both companies creates an outstanding solution, with the respective sales territories covering the globe", says Dr. Urs Matter, CEO of Nanosurf. Dr. Ernest J. Fantner, managing director of GETec, adds that "one plus one equals more than three" in this case!

The partners' goal is to provide the leading solution for AFM in SEM and to develop new innovative solutions in the field of correlative microscopy.

Want to know more about AFSEM? Have a look at the AFSEM product page or contact us directly.