Dr. Gotthold Fläschner joins the product management team in Liestal

Monday, 12 July 2021

Gotthold Fläschner

Dr. Gotthold Fläschner joined Nanosurf in July as Product Manager PicoBalance and Rheology. He has extensive experience in both subject areas - for the past 6 years he was working on these research fields at the biophysics laboratory of Prof. Daniel J. Müller at the ETH Zürich. In his time at the ETH Gotthold co-developed and established the PicoBalance technique, which is shorthand for measuring the mass of single living cells using a photothermally excited cantilever at a high time and mass resolution. In most recent years, he additionally focused on enabling the same setup to measure the frequency-dependent, mechanical properties of cells.

Gotthold now joins Nanosurf to help to bring these novel technologies to laboratories around the world.

The Nanosurf family would like to extend a warm welcome to Gotthold.

Dr. Fläschner was interviewed for D-BSSE News after he was awarded the ETH Medal for his outstanding dissertation. Read it here

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