Nanosurf adds tools for nanotechnology researchers to webshop offerings

"Tools for Nanotechnology" is a new product category on the Nanosurf webshop. In the nano-science community a multifold of smart and high-end tools constantly being developed to enable new experiments or make experiments easier. For such tools there is a lot of interest from other scientists in the field. The goal of the new product category is to create a platform that helps to make such tools available to a broader community. At the same time, Nanosurf can provide an international distribution network to new spin-off companies, allowing them to reach a larger community with their new products. “We will be continuously be seeking to launch promising and innovative projects with Nanosurf customers, collaborators and other interested parties” states Dr. Patrick Frederix, webshop product manager.

The TetraX lateral force microscope calibrator (LFMC) is the first tool to be brought to market through this model:

Tridec, a spin-off company created by Nanosurf customers from the Polish Academy of Sciences, has developed a tool to calibrate the lateral force constant (see September publication). The procedure does not require any knowledge of material or geometrical parameters of an investigated cantilever.

It is available at a special 20% discounted introductory price.

Contact us if you have an innovative idea and are interested in partnering with Nanosurf, or if you have questions or remarks about this tool.