Nanosurf Control Software V3.7 released

Nanosurf has just released control software version 3.7 for the C3000, Naio, and Easyscan 2 product lines

The new software can be downloaded from the support section of our website.

Summary of new features from the control software version history

General changes and corrections

  • Enhanced functionality and display for the advanced spectroscopy option, showing grid spectroscopy as overlay on AFM data, with calculation of slopes, snap-in, and maximum adhesion force
  • An improved Wizard to set up different types of spectroscopy experiments
  • Several bug fixes and general performance improvements

New features for the C3000 software

  • Closed-loop operation of the Z-axis for FlexAFM scan heads as of version 5
  • Feedback on user input signal channels

New features for the Naio and Easyscan 2 software

  • Spring constant and deflection sensitivity calibration: This is part of the Advanced Spectroscopy and Calibration option. To calculate the spring constant, the Dynamic Mode option is required to record a frequency sweep.

Important note for NaioAFM users

The Advanced Modes functionality has been split into the Advanced Modes Scripting, Advanced Lithography, Conductive AFM, and the new Advanced Spectroscopy and Calibration options, each with their separate access codes. These access codes are coupled to the serial number of your NaioAFM controller. Existing owners of the Advanced Modes option can contact us to obtain their new access codes and instructions for free.