Nuomedis founded to exploit medical application of AFM


Liestal/Switzerland, July 4, 2014.

Nuomedis AG has been founded by Nanosurf and Dr. Marko Loparic from the Biozentrum of the University of Basel with the goal to exploit the medical application of Atomic Force Microscopy, particularly in the field of cancer diagnostics.

Nanosurf co-founder Dr. Robert Sum was nominated as CEO.

"Now we pushed the 4 years' collaborative research between the teams from the Biozentrum, Prof. Lim's lab, and Nanosurf to a new level in order to exploit the huge market potential for nanomechanical cancer diagnostics", Sum says. "Nanomechanical examination using the AFM force mapping technique brings us a breakthrough new perspective on current diagnostics for diseased tissue. Our studies revealed that cancer changes the nanomechanical properties of tissues dramatically, which allows for a simple, fast, straight-forward, and accurate diagnosis", Dr. Loparic points out.

The founding teams bring in a broad experience from science and medicine through MD Dr. Marko Loparic, co-inventor and project leader of the nanomechanical tissue diagnostics technology ARTIDIS, and from the business field through Dr. Robert Sum, co-founder of Nanosurf, who has held leading positions in sales, marketing, business development, and general management.

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