Tutorials on the use of the NaioAFM at WPI

This playlist of 12 videos by Dr. Nancy Burnham shows how the NaioAFM is used in atomic force microscopy classes at the Physics Department of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The playlist contains valuable information for students at WPI, NaioAFM users everywhere, and anyone interested in the NaioAFM or AFM in general. It provides access to the following videos:

  • NaioAFM Tutorial 1, Basic Introduction
  • NaioAFM Tutorial 2, Basic Operation
  • NaioAFM Tutorial 3, Operational Hints
  • NaioAFM Tutorial 4, Scan Parameters and Display Options
  • NaioAFM Tutorial 5, Optimizing an Image
  • NaioAFM Tutorial 6, Scanner and Probe Calibration
  • NaioAFM Tutorial 7, Acquiring and Processing Force Curves
  • NaioAFM Tutorial 8, Force-Curve Interpretation
  • NaioAFM Example Research 1, Wettability and Roughness of Plants
  • NaioAFM Example Research 2, Surface Modification of PMMA
  • NaioAFM Example Research 3, Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
  • NaioAFM Example Research 4, The Structure of Bamboo

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