Isostage 300

Active vibration isolation system

The Isostage 300 protects all your measurements against vibration disturbances. It can directly host standard Nanosurf AFM sample stages, and is available with adapters for the NaioAFM and NaioSTM. Isolation begins at 1 Hz and reaches 99.0% isolation (–40 dB) at 15 Hz.

The unique Spike-Guard feature of the Isostage 300 eliminates glitches during AFM imaging when coupled with a Nanosurf C3000 AFM controller. Although any vibration isolation system will compensate for regular environmental vibrations, glitches can still occur when disturbances become too severe (e.g. when someone accidentally hits the table that hosts your AFM). Spike-Guard detects such anomalies and directs the AFM software and controller to automatically rescan the line for a disturbance-free image. You won’t find this functionality anywhere else!

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