Active vibration isolation system

Isostage — Your Optimal Vibration Isolation Solution for AFM

The Nanosurf Isostage — the ultimate compact active vibration isolation system — protects all of your scans against vibration disturbances. It can directly host the FlexAFM sample stages and the NaioAFM, and is available with adapter plates for the Easyscan 2 AFM and the NaniteAFM, providing optimal vibration isolation for all your Nanosurf AFM systems. Just like the passive Nanosurf sample stages, the Isostage allows for placement of the optional Nanosurf micrometer translation stage for your convenience. Isolation begins at 0.6 Hz and reaches 99.0% isolation (–40 dB) at 10 Hz. The Isostage is extremely small, and is available at a very attractive price!

Setup of the Isostage is exceptionally simple. It does not require any adjustment or tuning prior to use. Just place your AFM on the Isostage as you would for your regular Nanosurf sample stages, turn on the Isostage controller, and that‘s it. This is definitely the fastest and easiest setup of an active vibration isolation system ever!

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