ATS 2032 automated translation stage for NaniteAFM

Motorized translation stage for wafer analysis

This motorized XYZ translation stage was constructed for serial measurements on wafers up to 8" in diameter and on general AFM samples up to 60 mm in height. It features precise movements in all directions and magnets to keep metalic samples in place. The stage was designed for use with the NaniteAFM atomic force microscope.

Motorized 8 inch translation stage
Description Specification
Max. traverse path XYZ: 205 mm; 245 mm; 70 mm
Step size XYZ: 50–1000 nm
Resolution XYZ: 0.3 µm
Repositioning accuracy: σ = 1 µm
Absolute accuracy: ± 20 µm
Max. velocity: 13 mm/s
Sample platform size: 205 × 205 mm
Sample size: max. Ø 8" × 60 mm
Stage size: 510 × 500 × 260 mm
Stage weight: 65 kg
Stage technology: Piezo stick-slip motors

Custom-built automated translation stages

In addition to the standard ATS 2032 automated translation stage, Nanosurf now offers an extensive program for different custom-built automated translation stages. In close cooperation and in continuous dialog with you, our instrument development team will design and construct a translation stage tailored to your exact needs.

Other parts of your AFM system can be customized as well. Have a look at our custom solutions for some examples.

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us directly.

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