Bulk copper deposition on gold studied in an EC-AFM application using the FlexAFM

This report effectively demonstrates the ability of the FlexAFM to monitor morphological changes during electrodeposition of material on an electrode surface.

In the data shown here, copper was deposited on a flame annealed gold surface. The deposition process was shown to be fully reversible: At low potentials copper was deposited and at higher potentials it was dissolved again. Deposition and dissolution took place very rapidly (within one AFM scan line in the image below).

Deposition of Cu on a Au surface

Topography (derived data) of a gold substrate during bulk deposition of copper. The top 1/6th of the image shows the bare gold surface, whereas the bottom 5/6th of the image shows the subsequently deposited copper.

For a detailed report, please download the full application note as a PDF below.

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