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Nanosurf at MRS Fall 2018

If you are in Boston this week attending the Material Research Society's Fall Meeting at Hynes Convention Ce...

Published: 28.11.2018

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Nanosurf expands: UK office opens November 16th

Nanosurf is proud to announce the opening of an office in the United Kingdom on November 16th 2018. The UK o...

Published: 16.11.2018

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Nanosurf User Meeting showcases the range of AFM applications

More than 70 scientists joined Nanosurf for a day of inspiring talks at the cutting edge of atomic force mic...

Published: 06.11.2018

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Nanosurf User Meeting 2018

Join Nanosurf AFM users and take the opportunity to discuss applications, techniques, and breakthroughs with...

Published: 26.10.2018

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Nanosurf Control Software V3.8.4.2

Nanosurf has released version of its AFM control software

Published: 28.09.2018

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Nanosurf Control Software V3.8.4.1

Nanosurf has released version of its AFM control software

Published: 10.09.2018

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Nanosurf at the SPM for SPM

Nanosurf is exhibiting at the 4th International Conference on Scanning Probe Microscopy on Soft and Polymeri...

Published: 20.08.2018

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ISO 9001:2015 certified

Nanosurf is pleased to announce it's certified as an ISO 9001:2015 compliant company

Published: 14.08.2018

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Watch the New NaioSTM Overview Video

Nanosurf's all-in-one scanning tunneling microscope is set up and ready for measurement within minutes. Watc...

Published: 09.08.2018

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Cell-cell adhesion studied with Flex-FPM

Recently, FluidFM™ cell adhesion experiments were extended to study cell-cell interaction. This can be...

Published: 07.08.2018

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Small Sample Heater and Temperature Controller sold out!

Due to the success of our 50% off discount action, the Nanosurf Small Sample Heater and Temperature Controll...

Published: 09.07.2018

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Watch the New NaioAFM Overview Video

Nanosurf's all-in-one atomic force microscope for small samples and nanoeducation is set up and ready for me...

Published: 09.07.2018

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Nanosurf Control Software V3.8.3.5

Nanosurf has released version of its AFM control software

Published: 06.07.2018

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Small Sample Heater and Temperature Controller at 50% Discount

The Nanosurf Small Sample Heater and Temperature Controller are now available in a single package at 50% of...

Published: 03.07.2018

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Interface presents Nanosurf AFMs in South Korea

Interface Korea exhibited at NMC this week in Songdo, South Korea. They presented Nanosurf AFMs, amongst oth...

Published: 03.07.2018

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Visit Nanosurf at the Swiss NanoConvention 2018 in Zurich

Nanosurf is exhibiting at the Swiss NanoConvention 2018, which is taking place on June 6-7 at the ETH Zurich...

Published: 06.06.2018

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Nanosurf India Office Opened on May 2nd in New Delhi

Nanosurf is pleased to announce the officiall opening of a support office in New Delhi on May 2nd. Dr. Sujit...

Published: 03.05.2018

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Nanosurf adds tools for nanotechnology researchers to webshop offerings

"Tools for Nanotechnology" is a new product category on the Nanosurf webshop. In the nano-science community...

Published: 11.12.2017

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CoreAFM overview video

See how the CoreAFM handles This video gives an overview of the main features of the CoreAFM, and sh...

Published: 09.11.2017

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Nanosurf is a proud partner of the EUSMI project

Nanosurf GmbH will provide access to a Flex-ANA system in Langen EUSMI provides the community of Europea...

Published: 02.11.2017

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Premium Partnership between Nanosurf and Cytosurge

Taking FluidFM solutions to the next level Cytosurge and Nanosurf have a long-standing and successful hi...

Published: 18.10.2017

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6th Flex-FPM and FluidFM® User Meeting

The 6th Flex-FPM and FluidFM® user meeting — Friday, November 17, 2017 (Zurich, Switzerland)

Published: 27.09.2017

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Nanosurf launches webshop

Order accessories, samples, kits, software, and more online

Published: 09.09.2017

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CoreAFM goes into operation

CoreAFM goes into operation around the globe

Published: 18.08.2017

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Nanosurf 20 Year Symposium

Scientific symposium celebrating Nanosurf’s 20th anniversary

Published: 09.06.2017

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Nanosurf Control Software V3.8 released

Nanosurf has just released control software version 3.8 The new software can be downloaded from the soft...

Published: 27.04.2017

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AFM explained

What is atomic force microscopy? How does an AFM actually work? What AFM modes do I really need? How do I st...

Published: 27.04.2017

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AFSEM™ Webinar

Watch the webinar (recorded March 15, 2017)

Published: 17.03.2017

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Happy New Year 2017!

2017 will be an eventful year for Nanosurf, with many exciting things to come

Published: 06.01.2017

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GETec and Nanosurf join forces

GETec Microscopy GmbH (Langenlois, Austria) and Nanosurf AG (Liestal, Switzerland) have signed a comprehensi...

Published: 26.09.2016

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AFSEM™ offers a solution for conductive AFM in SEM with self-sensing cantilevers

GETec and Nanosurf now offer self-sensing conductive cantilevers for AFSEM™ that enable conductivity probing...

Published: 20.09.2016

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Nanosurf Control Software V3.7 released

Nanosurf has just released control software version 3.7 for the C3000, Naio, and Easyscan 2 product lines...

Published: 29.06.2016

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Flex-FPM used to assess water contamination risk from oocyst stiffness

Oocysts from the waterborne protozoa Cryptosporidium are micrometer-s...

Published: 25.04.2016

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FluidFM® for FlexAFM now called Flex-FPM

The unique FluidFM® solution for the Nanosurf FlexAFM is now called Flex-FPM, the latter of which stands for...

Published: 01.04.2016

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Nanosurf Control Software V3.6.0 released

Version 3.6.0 adds several Line Scanning options for all controllers, and the new Contour Following mode for...

Published: 03.12.2015

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Image Metrology and Nanosurf renew OEM agreement

Nanosurf now delivers Image Metrology's SPIP™ software as a standard component of the C3000 Advanced S...

Published: 04.11.2015

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Flex-Axiom AFM in Glovebox

Harvard's Philip Kim investigates mesoscale transport phenomena of low dimensional nanoscale materials with...

Published: 30.10.2015

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Nanosurf at the SYNMarburg 2015 Summer School

Nanosurf participated in the 3rd SYNMarburg Summer School at the Philipps-University Marburg with a one day...

Published: 19.09.2015

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Corporate re-branding at Nanosurf

“Microscopy Made Easy” has been the Nanosurf slogan for many years and one of the guiding principles in prod...

Published: 24.08.2015

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18 years of Nanosurf!

Nanosurf celebrated its 18th birthday on June 4, 2015.

Published: 04.06.2015

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4th FluidFM meeting

Together with ETH-LBB and Cytosurge, Nanosurf is organizing the 4th FluidFM user meeting.

Published: 01.06.2015

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Nuomedis founded to exploit medical application of AFM

Liestal/Switzerland, July 4, 2014. Nuomedis AG has been founded by Nanosurf and Dr. Marko Loparic from...

Published: 03.07.2014

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Nanosurf SPM Control Software V3.3.0 released

Version 3.3.0 improves several aspects of the V3 control software and is the first official release with sup...

Published: 14.05.2014

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FlexAFM applications

Two new FlexAFM application notes on bacteriorhodopsin imaging and spectroscopy are now available in the Fle...

Published: 14.03.2014

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New FluidFM applications

Four new FluidFM application notes and a related FluidFM application video on cell adhesion are now availabl...

Published: 04.03.2014

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Video on nanoscale surface analysis

An updated video on nanoscale surface analysis was just submitted to our YouTube channel

Published: 01.11.2013

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FluidFM Webinar

Watch the recorded webinar

Published: 04.09.2013

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FluidFM Webinar: Advancing Single Cell Manipulation and Analysis

FluidFM Webinar: Advancing Single Cell Manipulation and Analysis

Published: 05.08.2013

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New general manager at Nanosurf Inc.

Liestal (CH) / Boston, MA (US) – April 29, 2013

Published: 01.04.2013

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NaioAFM Webinar

Watch the recorded webinar

Published: 01.11.2012

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Decorated for impressive innovation

Liestal, October 22, 2012 - Nanosurf has been selected as one of three nominees for the Swiss Technology Awa...

Published: 01.10.2012

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Nanosurf All-In-One AFM

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away" ...

Published: 01.09.2012

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Nanosurf releases the NaioSTM

Nanosurf is happy to announce the availability of the NaioSTM, Nanosurf's All‑in‑One STM for nanoeducation

Published: 01.06.2012

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LensAFM Webinar

Watch the recorded webinar and LensAFM overview video

Published: 01.05.2012

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Nanosurf SPM Control Software V3.0.2 released

Version 3.0.2 improves several aspects of the V3 control software

Published: 01.02.2012

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ISO 9001:2008 certified

Nanosurf is pleased to announce it is now certified as an ISO 9001:2008 compliant company

Published: 01.12.2011

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Nanosurf easyScan 2 and Nanite SPM control software V3.0.1 released

Version 3.0.1 improves several aspects of the initial V3 release

Published: 01.11.2011

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Nanosurf to strengthen its position in China

Nanosurf and Suzhou Haizisi (Hzs) Nano Technology Co. Ltd. today announced the founding of a Sino-foreign Jo...

Published: 01.08.2011

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Nanosurf on the move!

Almost on the very day of the company's 14th anniversary, Nanosurf moved its headquarters to a new office lo...

Published: 01.06.2011

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FluidFM® well received at Nanosurf workshop

A workshop focusing on applications of FluidFM® in areas such as cell biology and materials science met with...

Published: 01.06.2011

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Nanosurf easyScan 2 and Nanite control software V3.0 released

Nanosurf today released version 3.0 of its SPM control software for its easyScan 2 and Nanite scanning probe...

Published: 01.04.2011

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Leaders join forces in Atomic Force Microscopy

Nanosurf and Zurich Instruments today announced a strategic technology partnership

Published: 01.03.2011

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New application note on EC-AFM available online

The appnote demonstrates the ability of the FlexAFM to monitor morphological changes during electro-depositi...

Published: 01.01.2011

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1000th Nanosurf STM goes to high school

Nanosurf delivers its 1000th Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) to the Claude-Dornier-Schule, a technical h...

Published: 01.06.2010

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Nanosurf Online Video

We welcome you to take a look at the our promotional video, which is hosted on our website, as well as on Yo...

Published: 01.01.2010

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Nanosurf strengthens management team

In line with its market growth and the recent establishment of a US subsidiary, Nanosurf has begun tuning it...

Published: 01.06.2009

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Have a "sneak peek" at the successor to the easyPLL+

Nanosurf will showcase the successor model to the world's best-selling Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) Detector and...

Published: 04.04.2009

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AFM veteran to support Nanosurf growth in the US

Nanosurf today announced the appointment of Dr. David Faddis as Director of Technology and Applications at N...

Published: 01.03.2009

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Phoenix Mars Lander Team Wins 2009 Swigert Award for Space Exploration

The Space Foundation has awarded its 2009 John L. "Jack" Swigert, Jr., Award for Space Exploration to NASA's...

Published: 01.02.2009

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Nanosurf Inc. recruits

Nanosurf announced the appointment of industry veteran Bill Flecky as Vice President of Sales for Nanosurf I...

Published: 01.01.2009

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FlexAFM to extend Nanosurf's easyScan 2 product line

Following its debut at the 2008 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston and its second exposure to the public during the...

Published: 02.12.2008

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Phoenix Mars Mission in Time Magazine's Top 10 Scientific Discoveries of 2008

The Phoenix Mars Mission — where Nanosurf contributed with the first AFM to ever measure on another planet — ...

Published: 01.12.2008

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Nanosurf strengthens its presence in Eastern Europe

In a move to further extend its global distribution network, Nanosurf AG today announced the appointment of...

Published: 01.10.2008

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Nanosurf AFM takes first image of Martian dust particle

The Nanosurf AFM inside the MECA unit of NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander has taken the first-ever image of a sing...

Published: 01.08.2008

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Swiss nano-microscope delivers first images recorded on Mars

For the first time ever, nanostructures have been measured on another planet. On July 9, the NASA "Phoenix" ...

Published: 01.07.2008

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DKSH Australia named sole Distributor for Nanosurf Products

Nanosurf AG today announced the appointment of DKSH Australia Pty. Ltd. as their sole distributor for the te...

Published: 02.06.2008

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Nanosurf opens subsidiary in the US

To react to the increasing global demand for easy-to-use nano-microscopes in science and industry, Nanosurf...

Published: 01.06.2008

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Nanosurf AFM delivered to Mars by NASA's Phoenix Spacecraft Phoenix Lands on Mars on Monday, May 26, 1a...

Published: 01.05.2008

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Nanosurf Report Software v5.0 released

A major new release of Nanosurf Report (Expert) has been released: Workflow tree view, Image Gallery, MiniDo...

Published: 02.01.2008

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Nanosurf is there for you!

As of January 1, 2008, Nanosurf is directly supplying the Swiss market with its high-quality nanotech produc...

Published: 01.01.2008

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Nanosurf is prize winner at Swiss Entrepreneurial award

Nanosurf receives an honorable 4th prize at the Entrepreneurial Award ceremony for Northern-Switzerland (Unt...

Published: 01.11.2007

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Nanosurf AFM on its way to Mars

Nanosurf is proud to make their own personal contribution to NASA's recent Mars Mission named Phoenix The...

Published: 01.08.2007

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Swiss Technology Award for Nanosurf Nanite

Nanosurf was awarded the Swiss Technology Award and the exceptional price of the Vontobel Foundation in the...

Published: 01.03.2007

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Announcement of the Winner of the TSPM+N 2 Prize Drawing

On the occasion of the 2nd International Teaching Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nanotechnology seminar in Ba...

Published: 04.08.2006

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Announcement of the Winner of the ICN+T 2006 Prize Drawing

Mrs. Marja Ahola-Tuomi from Turku, Finland wins full and unlimited ownership of a Nanosurf easyScan 2 educat...

Published: 03.08.2006

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New Product Nanosurf® Nanite

Nanosurf introduces a new product line: from versatile mountable AFM scanner with controller up to fully rob...

Published: 01.08.2006

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New Product Nanosurf® Mobile S Cordless Edition

Nanosurf introduces the world's first truly mobile AFM that boasts a rechargeable battery that can power it...

Published: 01.07.2006

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TSPM+N2 July 30, 2006

2nd International Seminar on Teaching Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nanotechnology held in Basel, Switzerlan...

Published: 01.03.2006

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Nanosurf enlarges its sales power

Nanosurf is pleased to announce the latest addition its staff: Ola Modinger started as Head of Sales and Mar...

Published: 01.07.2005

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Nanosurf AG has sold its 500 E-STM's

Nanosurf AG has sold its 500th E-STM's

Published: 01.01.2005

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SME Enterprise Award

Nanosurf AG recieves the SME Enterprise Award North west Switzerland.

Published: 01.12.2003

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New launch of Mars AFM: Phoenix mission

New launch of Mars AFM: Phoenix mission

Published: 01.08.2003

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New product: easyScan E-Line

New product: easyScan E-Line

Published: 01.06.2003

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Top 100 Company

Nanosurf AG has been listed as "Top 100 Company" by Tornado Insider.

Published: 01.05.2003

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