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XXI. Annual Linz Winter Workshop


XXI. Annual Linz Winter Workshop — Advances in Single-Molecule Research for Biology & Nanoscience

Exhibition: February 1-4, 2019, Linz, Austria

Nanosurf is platinum sponsor and exhibiting at the event.

Patrick Frederix
Felix Gorny

The Linz Winter Workshop will focus on biological single-molecule research and nanoscience, and include force and optical microscopy/spectroscopy techniques. This year, special sessions on nano-medicine and high-speed atomic force microscopy will be organized. It is the aim to provide a common platform for industry and academia.

Meet us in Linz!

Visit Dr. Patrick Frederix and Felix Gorny at our booth at the workshop to find out more about new solutions from Nanosurf. Ask for a demonstration of the CoreAFM with DIMO - the digital inverted microscope option.

The DIMO empowers you to conduct advanced experiments that require an inverted microscope, as is the case for many Bio AFM applications. It enhances your capabilities when using accessories like the petri dish holder (visible at the beginning of the video to the right), and does not obstruct any standard accessories that fit your CoreAFM

Visit the event's official homepage for more details on the program, dates and venue.

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