ISM 2019


The 53rd Annual Meeting of the Israel Society for Microscopy

May 29, 2019, Tel Aviv, Israel

Nanosurf's distributor in Israel, New Road Agencies, will be exhibiting.

Conference topics, from the organizer's website:

  • Electron optics and optical elements
  • High resolution TEM and STEM
  • Super-resolution light microscopy and nanoscopy imaging
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Analytical electron microscopy
  • Environmental electron microscopy
  • In-situ microscopic techniques and cryo-microscopies
  • Electron diffraction techniques
  • Electron tomography
  • Electron holography and lens-less imaging
  • Surface microscopy and spectroscopy
  • Focused ion beam microscopy and techniques
  • Scanning probe microscopy and near-field microscopies
  • X-ray, neutron and other microscopies
  • Electron microscopy theory and simulations
  • Atom probe tomograpyhy

Find details on the conference website.

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