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5th Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Materials and Renewable Energies

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Jun 17.2019 - Jun 20.2019
Marrakesh, Morocco


5th Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Materials and Renewable Energies, EMCMRE-5

June 17-19, 2019, Hotel les Jardins d'Agdal, Marrakesh, Morocco

Nanosurf will be exhibiting.

From the organizer's website:

The fifth edition of the biannual Euromediterranean conference on materials and renewable energies (EMCMRE-5) will be organized in Marrakech, Morocco, June 17-20, 2019. This conference is strongly supported and endorsed by Science, Technology, Research for Mediterranean (STARM) association and Moroccan Society of Sciences for Development (MSSD).

The scientific topics of the EMCMRE-5 will focus on materials with potential utilization in renewable energies, energy storage, state of the art experimental techniques, and advanced theoretical and computational approaches.

The Conference will be dedicated to energy harvesting, energy storage and materials for renewable energies with an emphasis on nanoscience and nanotechnology. The topics of the EMCMRE conference will encompass the branches of physics, chemistry, biology and computer science that directly impact renewable energies. The targeted audience includes students, faculty, researchers, and engineers from Universities, Engineering Schools and Research Institutes and industry.

The Conference will include oral and poster presentations as well as keynote and invited presentations given by high profile scientists that will cover the key themes of the conference. Participation of graduate students from both sides of the Mediterranean is strongly encouraged. Proceedings of the conference will be published in ELSEVIER Materials Today: Proceedings.

  • Energy harvesting
  • Energy storage
  • Materials for renewable energies
  • Solar fuels and bioenergy
  • 2D materials
  • Novel materials
  • Surfaces and interfaces of metals, semiconductors and insulators
  • Electronic, structural, magnetic and optical properties
  • Nano-electronics and spintronics 
  • Material growth methods 
  • Theory and numerical simulations 
  • Advanced experimental techniques 
  • Organic semiconductor and molecular electronics 
  • Material chemistry 
  • Biocompatibility and organic/biology material interfaces 

Find details on the conference website.

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