NanoInnovation 2020


NanoInnovation 2020

September 22 - 25, 2020, Rome, Italy

NanoInnovation 2020

Nanosurf is exhibiting at the event.

NanoInnovation is the national meeting place for the wide and multidisciplinary community involved in the development of nanotechnologies and their integration with other key enabling technologies (KETs), in all application fields. The event is designed to inform all interested players:

  • Researchers, technologists, managers, entrepreneurs and investors can share their experiences, opinions and expectations about the role of nanotechnologies for future innovations
  • Professionals and business operators can better understand how to take advantage from the use and application of nano-related products.
  • Young researchers, PhDs and students, can gather latest insights on scientific and technical developments in nanotechnologies
  • Media and the public can have an overview of concrete and up-to-date applications of nanotechnologies

The past 2019 edition is just over with the following figures: more than 1.200 participants29 co-organizers, 28 exhibitors, 10 industrial and scientific supporters, 5 institutional and scientific patronages, more than 400 speakers and chairs, 2 plenary sessions, 2 opening sessions, 46 technical thematic symposia, 5 multi-session workshops, 3 satellite events, 5 joint events, 1 round table, 3 poster sessions, 3 prizes, 96 B2B meetings successfully organized.

Several participation opportunities are already available, ranging from a booth in the exhibition area to the direct organization of thematic symposia, to disseminate original and innovative research results.

The 2020 event will be based on the well-established tradition of co-organizers and partners sharing the coordination of technical thematic symposia, workshops and trainings.

The participation is free for all visitors upon online registration!

The structure of the four days event includes:

  • Plenary Sessions (with the presence of national and international experts and personalities)
  • Parallel thematic symposia (poster and oral presentations on selected topics)
  • Update trainings
  • Networking event (to directly connect operators active in research and innovation and interested to cooperation opportunities - R2B, B2B)
  • Satellite events (independently organized by external organizations/companies and armonized in the conference frame)
  • Exhibition area, with the presence of companies, universities and research centres, where producers can provide detailed information on the most innovative products of the nanotech world and researchers can illustrate to companies the results of their research.

The conference organization and programme are overseen by Four Committees, including acknowledged experts from the scientific and industrial communities:

  • Organizing Committee
  • Steering Committee
  • Programme Committee
  • Honorary Committee

Visit the event's official homepage for more details on the program.

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