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AFM Hand-on Training Course

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Sep 01.2020 - Sep 02.2020
Hooke College of Applied Sciences


AFM Hands-on Training Course

September 1-2, 2020 | Chicago

Dalia Yablon
Course Instructor Dalia Yablon, Ph.D.
Hooke College of Applied Science

This overview of AFM/SPM is a practical, hands-on course to teach the principles of operation, basic and advanced imaging modes, and overall capabilities of atomic force microscopy/scanning probe microscopy. In lectures interwoven with labs on a variety of samples, students will learn, understand, and operate state-of-the-art microscopes. Laboratory instruction will take place on AFMs by Nanosurf, Bruker and Asylum Research.

This AFM/SPM course provides a foundation for students in the operation of atomic force microscopes to understand (and be able to select appropriately) the various modes and how best to operate the microscope by understanding the operating principles. At the end of the course, students will be able to set up an imaging experiment and run basic static and dynamic AFM modes. They will also gain an understanding of the various imaging parameters involved and how to optimize the parameters for best imaging results. Some advanced topics such as advanced imaging modes and simulation capabilities are also covered to provide students with a comprehensive background to the field. Finally, students will learn the various image processing tools available to properly analyze and interpret their images.

  • Overview of operation: history, hardware, software/image processing
  • Mechanical measurements with AFM: introduction to mechanical properties, phase imaging and associated bistability
  • Force spectroscopy: calibrations, contact mechanicals models, static and dynamic curves
  • Simulation tools for understanding the tip-sample contact
  • Advanced methods for nanomechanical characterization
  • SPM-based optical characterization (Raman, IR methods)
  • SPM for industrial applications (pharmaceutical, semiconductor, energy)

The course will break out into three groups for the hands-on part of the course. The Nanosurf group will be working with a Flex-AFM.

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Course venue

Hooke College of Applied Sciences
850 Pasquinelli Drive
Westmont Illinois 60559
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