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End of 2020 special offers

End of year special offer

We are also offering a special end-of-year promotion on CoreAFM. All purchases of CoreAFM before the end of the year will be eligible to receive two advanced modes of your choice, worth about $20K, for free.

You can choose any two modes from the following:

  1. Advanced spectroscopy option
  2. Kelvin probe force microscopy option
  3. Piezo force microscopy option
  4. Advanced conductive mode option

This offer is valid only till December 31st.

Two demo AFM systems for immediate delivery

Nanosurf has several demo systems that are available for sale with significant discounts. These systems have been used at our company sites for demo purposes only. They have undergone extensive factory testing and come with the same warranty as a new system. The systems will be sold on a first-come first-served basis.


CoreAFM demo system

Nanosurf's best-selling AFM is being used around the globe by scientists for research in various fields. The performance of the CoreAFM coupled with its compact footprint and competitive price tag make it an ideal AFM for individual research groups who want to have an AFM in their laboratory instead of using a common facility.

 Research AFM with a competitive price tag
 Integrated system with small footprint
 33 modes and functions
 Easy handling

Flex-Axiom demo system

Flex-Axiom demo system

The Flex-Axiom is the most flexible research AFM for materials science research. By advancing key technologies and designs, Nanosurf has made the Flex-Axiom one of the most versatile and flexible AFMs ever, allowing a large variety of materials research applications to be handled with ease. The numerous options and accessories allow the user to configure the AFM to meet their specific needs.

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