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Flex-Axiom AFM in Glovebox

Harvard's Philip Kim investigates mesoscale transport phenomena of low dimensional nanoscale materials with the Nanosurf Flex-Axiom AFM installed in an MBraun Glovebox MB-200B

AFM in MBraun MB-200B Glovebox
MBraun MB-200B Glovebox setup in Philip Kim's Laboratory at Harvard University

  • The setup allows sample preparation inside the glovebox
  • No sample contamination with water or oxygen allows measurement of electrical transport properties
  • Cable feedthrough done by MBraun; 2 sets of cables included
  • MinusK and IsoStage vibration isolation

Low dimensional materials are of keen interest for many researchers in the materials and physical sciences. These materials have the potential to radically change from the ground up how materials and devices are built and functionalized.

The Kim Laboratory at Harvard University is utilizing the Nanosurf Flex-Axiom atomic force microscope to conduct research on a variety of materials including graphene flakes. The Flex-Axiom AFM offers his group the right combination of performance and ease of use to effectively address and characterize these cutting-edge materials. It also features a footprint small enough to allow passing it through the glovebox airlock, massively saving preparation time when changing the setup in the glovebox.

The Flex-Axiom AFM is installed in an MBraun Glovebox MB-200B, alongside a number of other pieces of equipment including a Signatone Probe Station. With this arrangement, the Nanosurf system is able to effectively operate in an environment maintaining <1ppm O2 and <1ppm H2O.

  • Dr. Nitya Nand Gosvami

    Dr. Nitya Nand Gosvami

    We have been using the FlexAFM system for the last couple of years. The ease of use and its robustness helped us publish a number of articles in high impact journals. I'm very pleased with the performance of your AFM system and would highly recommend your systems for other customers in India and abroad. The technical support from Switzerland as well as local support in India is found to be ver...

  • Dr. Mustapha Mabrouki

    Dr. Mustapha Mabrouki

    I bought the first FlexAFM ever sold in Morocco. We chose this instrument as it best fulfils our research requirements at great value for money. During the initial phase, we much appreciated the competence of Nanosurf’s technical sales team and the friendly relationship that developed with Nanosurf’s scientists. Since buying the instrument, we have been continually upgrading the system to sta...

  • Prof. Tahar Touam

    Prof. Tahar Touam

    I purchased my first Nanosurf Flex-Axiom AFM system when I was at Annaba University (Algeria) in 2015 and was very satisfied with its capabilities. After taking a new position at the Research Unit in Optics and Photonics of the Centre for Development of Advanced Technologies (Sétif) in 2016, the first purchase I made was a new FlexAFM. It is a very reliable instrument and Nanosurf’s support sci...

  • Dr. Thilo Glatzel

    Dr. Thilo Glatzel

    As a long-time Nanosurf customer, I highly value Nanosurf’s exceptionally fast and competent expert-level support. They were of great help in ironing out technical issues with our initial glovebox implementation and responded quickly and positively to all of my requests.

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