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FluidFM® well received at Nanosurf workshop

A workshop focusing on applications of FluidFM® in areas such as cell biology and materials science met with great success on May 22, when the instrument and its unique touchscreen software interface were demonstrated at Nanosurf headquarters

In addition to live demos by Nanosurf and Cytosurge, in-depth presentations were given by initial users of the system — notably by Dr. Tomaso Zambelli and Pablo Dörig from the Laboratory for Biosensors and Bioelectronics, ETH Zürich, and by Dr. Orane Guillaume-Gentil and Eva Potthoff from the Institute of Microbiology, ETH Zürich. Lively discussions on state-of-the-art applications feasible with this unique new technique rounded off the fruitful get-together.
“We are very happy with the positive feedback we received during the workshop, both from existing and potential customers, and look forward to installing more systems at several prestigious labs in the near future”, says Dr. Urs Matter, CEO of Nanosurf.

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