Nanosurf launches WaveMode at BPS2022

Sunday, 20 February 2022

Nanosurf announces WaveMode, a new AFM imaging mode launched at the 2022 Biophysical Society meeting. WaveMode is the fastest force curve-based imaging mode with application to all samples and all environments and is available exclusively on the DriveAFM. It represents the first commercially available off-resonance mode that can use photothermal actuation of the cantilever – instead of the traditional piezoacoustic actuation – to enable fast, stable, and gentle imaging. This new mode continues the tradition of Nanosurf’s 25-year history of innovation in scanning probe microscopy.

WaveMode offers users of all experience levels and backgrounds many advantages, including fast imaging rates, no cantilever tuning, and a fully automated laser and photodetector alignment. This new imaging mode is based on CleanDrive, Nanosurf’s exclusive photothermal actuation of the cantilever; CleanDrive provides stable, low drift, and high signal to noise cantilever tunes that are insensitive to changes in the environment. Providing key advantages in both liquid and air environments, WaveMode enables a faster workflow and improved results for AFM imaging in both the life science and materials science applications.

AFM images of PS-LDPE taken in dynamic mode and WaveMode. The image acquired in WaveMode is clearly crisper revealing more details. Image size 3 µm, z range 100 nm.

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