Cytomass Monitor

Measuring and monitoring the mass of a single cell in physiological conditions

Cells tightly regulate their mass and volume during development and homeostasis. Though this regulation is fundamental to proper functioning of the cell, it is so far poorly understood, mainly because current tools can only reasonably determine the volume of spherical suspended cells (~1% population accuracy, ~20% single cell accuracy), not their mass and not under normal adherent growth conditions.

Together with Prof. D.J. Müller and Dr. D. Martínez-Martín of the ETH Zurich, Nanosurf is developing the Cytomass Monitor. This cantilever-based instrument is able to measure the mass of even single adherent cells with 0.1% mass and 25 ms temporal resolution.

Working principle

A cell is attached to the Cytomass Monitor's cantilever, which in turn is allowed to vibrate with very low amplitudes via photo-excitation. Cell mass can be derived with high accuracy and can be monitored over long periods of time in physiological conditions.

Main features

Ability to accurately and continuously measure (monitor) the mass of cells in physiological conditions (cell culture) over days with millisecond resolution
Ability to measure the mass of adherent cells while being anchored to physiologically relevant substrates (e.g., collagen, fibronectin, vitronectin, laminin)
Ability to measure the mass of a group of cells or of a small piece of tissue, allowing to study the influence of cell-cell interactions on mass changes
Ability to measure the mass of suspended cells by immobilizing them
Fully compatible with state-of-the-art cell biology optical microscopy techniques

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Cytomass Monitor brochure

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