Flex-Axiom — AFM for materials research

Flex-ANA — AFM for force mapping

Versatility, performance, and seamless application extensions


 Key features and benefits

Easy to use and high performance
High resolution and low-noise design
Modes and accessories to handle all your research needs
Extremely modular to keep you productive
Upgradable for life science and operation on large stages




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Imaging of samples in air and liquid
Advanced mechanical, electrical and magnetical modes
Electrochemical AFM
Environmental control
Scanning thermal microscopy and nano thermal analysis (SThM and Nano-TA)
Advanced force spectroscopy
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Motorized stages
Electrochemical stage
Heating / cooling stages
SThM and nano-TA options
Customization for individual applications
Simple upgrade to FluidFM, Flex-Bio, and Flex-ANA via system add-ons



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