FluidFM — Nano and cell manipulation

Flex-ANA — AFM for force mapping

The nanofluidic tool for single-cell biology and next-level nanomanipulation


 Key features and benefits

Unique combination of AFM with Cytosurge FluidFM® technology
Optical view of the sample and highly accurate pressure, force, and position control
Access unique experiments: cell adhesion and spectroscopy mapping, single-cell manipulation and analysis, deposition and lithography even in liquid, injection and extraction, and more...



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Spatial manipulation of small objects and cells
Cell adhesion and spectroscopy mapping
Colloidal force spectroscopy
Deposition and lithography in air and liquid
Injection (nanopipetting)
Extraction (single-cell analysis)
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Simple upgrade to Flex-ANA via system add-ons
Bio-accessories such as heating, environment control, etc.



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