Flex-FPM — FlexAFM with FluidFM® functionality

Flex-FPM — FlexAFM with FluidFM® functionality

The next-generation microfluidic tool for nanomanipulation and single-cell biology

Opens the door to fascinating new experiments
An integrated solution with optical, force, and microfluidic control
Innovative and intuitive handling
Comes with Nanosurf’s reliability, experience, and know-how
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Flex-FPM (FluidFM probe microscope) combines the force sensitivity and positional accuracy of the Nanosurf FlexAFM with FluidFM technology by Cytosurge to allow a whole range of exciting applications in single-cell biology and nanoscience:

FluidFM principle

Flex-FPM opens the door to fascinating new experiments

Also see the Nanosurf application gallery or the sidebar with applications and publications on the right for more intriguing Flex-FPM and FluidFM experiments.

An integrated solution with optical, force, and fluidic control

Optical cell selection by fluorescence properties (left image). The cantilever was gently placed on the cell under force control and trypsin administration was monitored from a co-deposited fluorescence dye (blue). After release, the cell was picked up with the same cantilever and isolated from the rest by placing it in a separate well, sorted by fluorescence (right image; adapted from Lab Chip (2014) 14, 402‑414 with permission from The Royal Society of Chemistry). Data courtesy: O. Guilaume-Gentil, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.

Innovative and intuitive handling

With its touchscreen interface and predefined experimental workflows, e.g for single-cell injection and extraction or for bacterial and cell adhesion force measurements, the intuitive FluidFM ARYA operator software will guide you through each of your experiments step-by-step.

probe code reader software

All FluidFM probes come in sterile blister packs and pre-mounted on plastic carrier clips. Each blister pack has a QR code that can be read with the QR code reader supplied with the Flex-FPM system to allow direct import of detailed cantilever information into the operator software.

Flex-FPM components

Nanosurf FlexAFM scan head
Nanosurf C3000 controller
Nanosurf inverted microscope stage
FluidFM microfluidics control system
Blister pack barcode reader
Dedicated PC for data acquisition and analysis
FluidFM ARYA operator software
Optional 100-µm Z-actuator

The Flex-FPM system comes with Nanosurf’s reliability, years of experience, and detailed application know-how

Nanosurf is well-known for the reliability of its instruments. We have a very large customer base and well over 3000 systems installed worldwide. With more than 5 years of experience using the FluidFM technology and our extensive application know-how in life science and materials research, we are here to assist you. Contact our application scientists now to discuss your application.

The Flex-FPM advantage

Innovative and intuitive
Fascinating and unique
Experience and expert knowledge

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