Fully equipped by default
Application oriented
Intelligent design

The CoreAFM is a powerful and versatile AFM system with an integrated design concept. It combines all essential functionality of modern AFM into one system. The result is a hassle-free user experience and the capability to perform any kind of AFM experiment you want.

Fully equipped

The CoreAFM is fully equipped with a modern flexure-guided scanner, XYZ sample stage, camera, active vibration isolation table, and airflow shielding in a single unit. The system comes with a fully digital 24-bit controller developed specifically for the CoreAFM scanhead. As all the hardware is integrated by default, all you need to do to take the CoreAFM into operation is to connect the controller, and plug in power and USB.

Application oriented

Thirty-two standard and optional modes with fully compatible add-ons make the CoreAFM the tool of choice for a broad range of applications, from materials research to life science and electrochemistry. Starting from the basic CoreAFM system, its functionality can be seamlessly extended.

Included functionality

  • Static force
  • Dynamic force
  • Phase imaging
  • MFM
  • Lateral force
  • Force modulation
  • Standard spectroscopy
  • Standard lithography

Advanced functionality

  • Sample heating
  • Environmental control
  • Scripting
  • Conductive mode
  • Advanced MFM
  • Electrochemical AFM
  • Signal I/O option
  • Petri dish option
  • Cantilever holder FluidFM
  • Advanced lithography
  • Advanced spectroscopy
  • Scripting interface option
  • Advanced conductive AFM
  • PFM mode option
  • KPFM mode option
  • Scanning thermal option
  • Nano-thermal analysis option
  • FluidFM® SICM
  • FluidFM® nanolithography
  • FluidFM® spotting
  • FluidFM® colloidal spectroscopy

Included standard mode kits

Depending on the measurement mode, a mode kit includes samples, suitable cantilevers, accessories, or a combination thereof.

Additional standard mode kits

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