Doping graphene via organic solid-solid wetting deposition

Carbon, Volume 125, Pages 84-92

Alexander Eberle, Andrea Greiner, Natalia P.Ivleva, Banupriya Arumugam, Reinhard Niessner, Frank Trixler (2017)

In this publication, a Nanosurf NaioSTM played an important role in doping graphene via solid/solid wetting deposition. The NaioSTM was used for imaging organic semiconductor structures in atomic and molecular resolution. It was especially crucial for the tunneling spectroscopy.

Organic Solid-Solid Wetting Deposition (OSWD) enables the fabrication of supramolecular architectures without the need for solubility or vacuum conditions. However, the doping of graphene via OSWD has not yet been verified, primarily owing to the fact that the classical OSWD preparation procedures do not allow for the analysis via Raman spectroscopy – one of the main techniques to determine graphene doping. The publication describes a novel approach to induce OSWD on graphene leading to samples suitable for Raman spectroscopy. The analysis reveals peak shifts within the Raman spectrum of graphene, which are characteristics for p-type doping. Additional evidence for chemical doping is found via Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy. The results open up a very easily applicable, low-cost, and eco-friendly way for doping graphene via commercially available organic pigments.

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