Tunable single-cell extraction for molecular analyses

Cell 166 (2016) 506–516

O Guillaume-Gentil, RV Grindberg, R Kooger, L Dorwling-Carter, V Martinez, D Ossola, M Pilhofer, T Zambelli, and JA Vorholt

Researchers from ETH Zurich have published extraction of sub-picoliter samples of nucleoplasm and cytoplasm from live cells in the renowned journal Cell. Measurements were performed with the Nanosurf Flex-FPM system that allowed single-cell extraction without killing the cells. The paper describes the method of single-cell extraction as well as the molecular analysis of the extracted samples by TEM, protein assays and PCR. The results illustrate a new FluidFM® application to study cell processes at the single-cell level thus enabling studying the heterogeneity of cells.

July 29, 2021 | 14:00 CET


Webinar: Piezo Force Microscopy (PFM)

Dr. Patrick Frederix will present Piezo Force Microscopy and describe its implementation on Nanosurf instruments. Dr. Frederix will also show details of spectroscopy and dual frequency resonance tracking.

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Flex-Axiom — AFM for materials research

By advancing key technologies and designs, Nanosurf has made the Flex-Axiom one of the most versatile and flexible atomic force microscopes ever, allowing a large variety of materials research applications to be handled with ease. Together with the powerful C3000 controller, complex material characterizations are possible.

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Flex-Bio — AFM for biology and life science

A key success factor in life science research is the combination of multiple techniques. With the Flex-Bio, Nanosurf's Bio AFM, you can combine the AFM imaging, spectroscopy and nanomanipulation capabilities of this system with the high-end optical imaging techniques available for inverted microscopes.