Tunable single-cell extraction for molecular analyses

Cell 166 (2016) 506–516

O Guillaume-Gentil, RV Grindberg, R Kooger, L Dorwling-Carter, V Martinez, D Ossola, M Pilhofer, T Zambelli, and JA Vorholt

Researchers from ETH Zurich have published extraction of sub-picoliter samples of nucleoplasm and cytoplasm from live cells in the renowned journal Cell. Measurements were performed with the Nanosurf Flex-FPM system that allowed single-cell extraction without killing the cells. The paper describes the method of single-cell extraction as well as the molecular analysis of the extracted samples by TEM, protein assays and PCR. The results illustrate a new FluidFM® application to study cell processes at the single-cell level thus enabling studying the heterogeneity of cells.

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