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Nanosurf continues to deliver. DriveAFM, the revolutionary AFM system, demonstrates what engineering is capable of today. Now, with Nanosurf Studio, we are handing you the software suite to round off the superior Nanosurf experience. The new control software for DriveAFM is an intuitive platform made for performing your AFM measurements efficiently and easily.

Our software engineers and application scientist took a good look at what performing atomic force microscopy measurements is actually like from a user perspective, and went back to the drawing board to create a user experience that allows you to focus on your measurement and your results. Look forward to a new release each quarter, with new features and improvements. Just press play.

Nanosurf Studio features a flexible, configurable user interface: you can assemble the widgets in any layout that best suits your measurement. Set up your Nanosurf Studio software to your liking and concentrate on your measurement.

 Nanosurf Studio: the future-proof AFM software platform
 Set up your individual software GUI – for experts and novice users
 Automated AFM setup (laser alignments, spring constant and sensitivity calibration, approach, data acquisition)
 Viewport optical sample navigation
 Quarterly releases with new features, improved workflows and bugfixes
 Easy to learn for novice users, all the flexibility for the expert user
 Instrument control is fully scriptable


AutoAlign boosts your experience and makes your life easier. With auto laser alignment you don’t have to worry about placing the laser on the cantilever. With the click of one button, the whole optical system will be aligned for you, the detector centered, and the spring constant and deflection sensitivity determined. Lean back, and just press play!

Viewport hybrid sample navigator allows you to optically navigate your sample with already scanned areas mapped over image

See in this clip how a square around the area of interest is selected on the live image from the optical microscope, adjusted, and followed by the AFM measurement.

Nanosurf Studio for DriveAFM: Get an overview what to expect from the new control software suite.

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