SPIP™ Analytical Software for Microscopy

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SPIP™ is an advanced software package for processing and analyzing microscopy images at nano- and microscale, developed for SPMers by SPMers.

  • Highly interactive and responsive SPM software package designed to help users to explore and analyze data in the fastest possible way.
  • Force curve analysis, force mapping, including fitting of various indentation models (Hertz, Sneddon, DMT and JKR) and calculation of mechanical parameter maps such as Young’s modulus, adhesion or energy.
  • Unique tools for fast and easy navigation, exploration and analysis of STM grid spectroscopy data including I(V) curves noise suppression and derivatives calculation (dI/dV, density of states, etc.).
  • Particles detection and analysis has never been easier: multiple detection methods are provided making it possible to detect objects of almost any type. To achieve statistical significance, detected particles from several images can be accumulated.
  • The accurate calculations and the unique calibration features in SPIP™ are used by most national metrology institutes for accurate calibration and measurement. SPIP™ reads the native file formats of nearly all SPMs, as well as those from a wide range of profilers and SEMs, and is therefore a perfect asset in any microscopy lab.
  • Clearly represented histograms using the color table encoding of an image in the histogram to easier correlate image features with heights in the histogram
  • 3D display of data with overlay capabilities of other layers recorded simultaneously, like phase, MFM, conductivity, etc.

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