Dr. Philipp Merkelbach's view on customization by Nanosurf

Merkelbach Rodenstock

We contacted Nanosurf with a problem and they showed us the solution: we needed to measure samples on an existing inverted optical microscope as well as by AFM. Nanosurf solved the issue by designing a shuttle stage with a repositioning accuracy of better than 20 µm.

Nanosurf was able to realize our customization project with outstanding accuracy. The discussion on the needs of Rodenstock and the design solution and suggestions by Nanosurf was characterized by an open-minded atmosphere and proved to be very fruitful for both parties. Even though the design was not fixed 100% at the time of the order, both time schedule and budget were kept within the offer. Among our users, the ease of use and the fast calibration of the instrumentation is really appreciated.

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