As of June 1st, Dominik Ziegler will become the new CEO and James Berwick will take on the role of COO.

Management Change at Nanosurf

Friday, 8 April 2022

In the last 13 years, under the leadership of CEO Urs Matter, Nanosurf has undergone a huge phase of development and growth. Nanosurf’s board has been concerned about Urs’ succession plan. Urs took on the challenge of assembling an excellent leadership team by promoting employees to manage the company who will continue to drive Nanosurf along the path of a successful company.

The Nanosurf Board decided the following changes to the management structure:

As of June 1st, Dominik Ziegler will become the new CEO and James Berwick will take on the role of COO.

Dominik Ziegler

The newly created Chief Operations Officer role will heavily focus on the operational performance of the business, as the evolution of Nanosurf’s growth-story continues. The Board is convinced that the two managers, with their complementary skills, are an excellent successor team for Urs. Björn Pietzak’s role as head of the Industrial Solutions business will continue to play a key role in Nanosurf’s evolution.

James Berwick

As a high-tech company in a very competitive environment, the board decided on Dominik for the CEO role because of his excellent understanding of technologies and market needs. These are the skills needed to provide outstanding AFM solutions in the future. Dominik has already kicked off the search for a suitable leader for our R&D - who will ensure Nanosurf will keep up the rate of developing world class solutions.

Furthermore, the board proposes that Urs Matter shall be elected as president at the general assembly on May 20th. Urs will be an active president and coach to Dominik and James. He will reserve sufficient time for Nanosurf to make the transition into the future smooth and ensure the company continues its high-growth trajectory.

Lukas Howald, as president of Nanosurf for the past 16 years, will remain a member of the board, next to Markus Oswald, Jeff Jones, Giancarlo Rizzoli, and Dominik Brändlin.

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