Nanosurf at the SYNMarburg 2015 Summer School

FluidFM Workshop at the SYNMarburg

Nanosurf participated in the 3rd SYNMarburg Summer School at the Philipps-University Marburg with a one day FluidFM workshop.

This year’s SYNMarburg Summer School, organized by Prof. Graumann, was themed "From Microbial Cell Biology to Complex Communities". A total of 23 participants from nine countries took the opportunity to learn about cellular and structural biology as well as different microscopic techniques used for synthetic biology. The program was funded by SYNMIKRO and the DAAD.

AFM topography of living Bacillus subtilis cells immobilized on agarose.
AFM phase image of live Bacillus subtilis recorded simultaneously with the AFM topography.

During the workshop, the FluidFM system featuring its unique hollow cantilevers was used to detach single living Bacillus subtilis cells from the culture substrate and assess the adhesive properties of these single cells. Additionally, the standard AFM capabilities of the FluidFM were used to image single living bacteria and observe flagella extending from the cell body (see images above).

FluidFM technology is developed by Cytosurge and offered with FlexAFM by Nanosurf.