New general manager at Nanosurf Inc.

Liestal (CH) / Boston, MA (US) – April 29, 2013

Nanosurf is pleased to announce that Dr. Saju Nettikadan will be joining Nanosurf Inc. in Saugus/Boston as General Manager, taking full responsibility for US operations. Dr. Nettikadan will start May 1st and will head the existing team in the US, consisting of Dr. David Faddis, technical director, Brent Lapointe, sales representative North-East, and Laureen Sava, office administration manager and bookkeeper.
Dr. Nettikadan was born in India and studied Physics, Electronics, and Mathematics at the Universities of Bangalore and Calicut. After successfully obtaining his master’s degree, he started developing biological applications for atomic force microscopy (AFM) at Ohio State University, finishing with a Ph.D. in Medical Biochemistry in 1998.
For 10 years, Dr. Nettikadan worked in different positions at BioForce Nanosciences Inc., where he significantly contributed to the development, marketing, sales, as well as application development of BioForce’s technology.
In 2009, Dr. Nettikadan joined NanoInk Inc. as director of application development, where he initiated the development of distinct applications for their well-known Dip Pen Nanolithography technology.
“With his background at BioForce and NanoInk, Dr. Nettikadan is the ideal candidate to promote Nanosurf’s FluidFM single cell biology manipulation system, primarily focusing on the US, but also on other parts of the world”, says Dr. Urs Matter, CEO of Nanosurf. “The general manager function and full sales responsibility represent a new challenge that Dr. Nettikadan is happy to embrace, receiving full support from Nanosurf’s global offices to provide a smooth start into this new venture.”

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