Premium Partnership between Nanosurf and Cytosurge

Taking FluidFM solutions to the next level

Cytosurge and Nanosurf have a long-standing and successful history together establishing FluidFM system solutions, resulting in more than 40 publications generated by 30+ systems in leading universities around the globe. We are proud to announce that this partnership is now being taken a step further: a strengthened Premium Partnership is delivering new, future-oriented and customer-driven FluidFM AFM solutions. This includes enhanced software, advanced hardware and nanopipette improvements providing the best possible FluidFM experience to end-users with a Nanosurf AFM.

premium partner

FluidFM Premium Partners go a step further by fully integrating FluidFM into their AFM software leading to maximal ease of use and throughput, while at the same time enabling advanced experiments such as nanolithographic printing of liquids in complex patterns.

This Partnership is the first of a series between Cytosurge and leading AFM manufacturers, designed to make FluidFM available to as many AFM users as possible.

With the new partnership Nanosurf is looking forward to continuing to support existing and future customers on their path towards new, groundbreaking science and to strengthening its leading position as a provider of FluidFM AFM solutions.

To share most recent developments on FluidFM, Nanosurf is co-organizing the 6th Flex-FPM and FluidFM user meeting together with the ETH Zurich and Cytosurge on Friday, November 17th in Zurich. To register for this event, please contact us.