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Nanosurf is a premier provider of atomic force microscopy systems, catering to the demands of scientific research, the nanotechnology industry, semiconductor production, and quality control. With a comprehensive product portfolio of AFM instruments, Nanosurf serves a diverse clientele across materials science, electronics development, life sciences, energy research, industrial QC and the semiconductor sector. Among its users are leading semiconductor corporations, prestigious research universities and institutions, and key national laboratories worldwide.

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AFM Products


Life Science, Materials Research, Electronics

AFMs for Research

Nanosurf offers a variety of versatile research-grade atomic force microscopes for different types of users and requirements.

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Wafers, Glass, and more

AFMs for Industry

Nanosurf offers purpose-built solutions for various industrial applications and the option to build custom AFM systems.

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Special Requirements

AFMs for Integration

AFMs suitable for integrating into existing setups or customized systems for special purposes.

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Education & Basic Research

Entry-Level AFMs

Simple, robust, and easy to use instruments popular for educational settings and to preform basic research.

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Research Areas


Materials Science & Characterization
Since its creation, AFM has been the tool of refence for materials science research. Learn about typical AFM applications in the realm of materials research on the nanoscale.
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Life Science & Biotechnology
AFM works in liquid environments under conditions close to those found in living organisms, and the multitude of operation modes provide a plethora of information helping researchers understand their sample of interest. 
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Electronics & Energy Storage
AFM has quickly become an essential tool for researchers in electronics and energy materials fields. It unlocks information that is often difficult to obtain through other means. Find out about different areas of application in this field of research.
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The semiconductor industry relies heavily on precise measurements throughout the entire process starting from initial research through process development to production of the final device. Learn how AFM is used in the semiconductor industry. 
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Quality Control in Industrial Manufacturing
Nanosurf provides a range of systems designed for industrial quality control applications. Learn more about how AFM is applied for quality control in different industries.
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Universities & Institutes


Education & Entry-Level
Hands-on AFM education plays a crucial role in shaping the next generation of scientists, engineers, and researchers. The goal is to provide students with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in their respective fields.
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Research Institutes

Multi-User Facilities & Central Laboratories

What are some of the things you are looking for when choosing tools for a shared user facility? 

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