Automation Software Solutions

In the realm of high-tech industries, the ability to maintain consistent, high-quality output is paramount. Nanosurf delivers solid engineering solutions that reproducibly automate repetitive metrology tasks. Our suite of services is designed to revolutionize your production line with precision, efficiency, and adaptability.

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Machine and Motion Control Automation

Our state-of-the-art control systems are the heartbeat of your automated operations, ensuring seamless precision and reliability.


Process and Workflow Engineering

As we specialize in high-end measurement instrumentation automation, we meticulously engineer your processes and workflows to optimize efficiency and throughput, setting a new standard for operational excellence.


Process Stability

By integrating a variety of measurement techniques, environment monitoring options, image processing, and data analysis, we guarantee the stability and reliability of your processes.


Manufacturing Execution Systems Integration

Our solutions are not just about keeping up — they're about leading the charge. We ensure full integration with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), including the detailed calculation of machine metrics and status (e.g., SEMI-E10) published as OPC UA nodes.


Committed to Your Success

Nanosurf is dedicated to providing solutions that don't just fulfil requirements, but give you a competitive edge. We understand the intricacies of high-end instrumentation environments and are committed to delivering automation that not only meets but anticipates your needs.



Customized Solutions

Every industry has its nuances, and our solutions are tailored to meet the specific demands of your environment.

Future-Proof Operations

With our finger on the pulse of technological advancements, we ensure your operations are future-ready, today.

Unwavering Support

From initial consultation to post-integration support, our team is with you every step of the way.