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The NaioSTM is a scanning tunneling microscope that brings together scan head and controller in a single instrument for even simpler installation, maximized ease of use, and straightforward transportability. The setup is robust against vibrations and can be used to achieve atomic resolution on HOPG in standard classroom situations. With its 204 × 204 mm footprint it hardly takes up any workbench space.

  • Excellent stability
  • Easy to learn a use
  • Atomic resolution in 5 minutes
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Smart Design

The purposeful design is perfectly suited to the needs of educational institutions: the system integrates scan head, controller, air-flow shielding with a magnifying glass to aid the initial approach, and vibration isolation on a heavy stone table. 


Safe and Stable

The very small mechanical loop of < 10 mm provides the stability to achieve atomic resolution on a coffee table or in a class room. Passive vibration isolation feet protect measurements against disturbances, making the system very robust during operation. The system functions without high voltage, making it safe in unexperienced hands.


See Atoms in Minutes

The smart design not only provides good performance, but also makes the NaioSTM very easy to use. All that is required in terms of setup is to connect 2 cables: power and USB. Scanning tips are simply cut from Pt/lr wire, no hazardous substances are required to etch the tips. The process from setup up to seeing the first successful images can be achieved within a few minutes. The intuitive software is equipped with helpful wizards to guide you through the 

NaioSTM Features

Very small mechanical
loop < 10 mm

Easy to Use

All-in-One System

Established in Education and Basic Research

Smart Design

Scanning Probes Cut from Pt/Ir Wire

Robust and Stable

No High Voltage

See Atoms in Minutes

Modes of Operation

Imaging modes

  • Constant current (topography)
  • Constant height (current) 

Spectroscopy modes

  • Current-voltage
  • Current-distance

Lithography modes

  • Patterning
  • Modification

Software with Wizards for Easy Setup

The simple and intuitive NaioSTM control software allows even unexperienced users to quickly learn to confidently perform measurements and achieve meaningful results. Only a few clicks are needed for each measurement and helpful Wizards guide you through the setting of parameters for different measurement types. Basic analysis tools let you apply some corrections, calculate roughness and measure distances, so you can evaluate your images on the spot. 

Download the NaioSTM Brochure

The PDF brochure includes details on the NaioSTM's technology, application examples for different areas of interest and system specifications.

Download PDF

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NaioSTM probe closeup