Active vibration isolation table

Isostage 300

The Isostage 300 is an active vibration isolation table that protects all your measurements against disturbances caused by building floor vibrations. Optical tables or heavy granite tables do provide substantial damping of building vibrations. However they provide only passive damping while active vibration isolation tables are superior by measuring vibrations and actively counter-acting them. As a result they have become the industry standard for applications requiring lowest noise levels as AFM and STM do.

The Isostage 300 is compatible with the FlexAFM, integrated in the CoreAFM and adapters are available for the NaioAFM and NaioSTM. It is equipped with bolt holes to directly mount Nanosurf stages, fixing them in position. A hole in the center of the Isostage, directly under the tip of the AFM, allows for tall samples, a variety of samples holders and a much more open access from the bottom.

The control unit comes with unique feature: the Spike-Guard. It eliminates glitches during AFM imaging when coupled with a Nanosurf C3000 controller. Although any vibration isolation system will compensate for regular environmental vibrations, glitches can still occur when disturbances become too severe (e.g. when someone accidentally hits the table that hosts your AFM or when a door is slammed nearby). Up to now such glitches occuring just before finalizing your AFM image meant meant you had to restart the measurement from the beginning. This is now a thing of the past. Spike-Guard detects such anomalies and directs the AFM software and controller to rescan the line for a disturbance-free image.

Active vibration isolation table Isostage 300
System specifications  
Active bandwidth 1.0–200 Hz (passive isolation above 200 Hz)
Max. correction force ± 8 N vertical / ± 4 N horizontal
Max. compensation level 55 µm/s at 2 Hz and 8 kg / 350 µm/s at 6 Hz and 8 kg
Load capacity 2–12 kg / 10–20 kg
Settling time 300 ms
Stroke of actuators 1 mm
Weight (table/controller) 9 kg / 2.5 kg
Dimensions (table/controller) 300×300×85 mm / 204×204×90 mm
Operating temperature / Relative humidity 16–40°C / 0–60%
Electrical Voltage / Power consumption 100–250 VAC (@ 47–63 Hz) / 50 VA (typical)

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