AFM phase image of a polymer blend

This is an example of AFM phase imaging of a polymer blend performed on a NaioAFM. The polymer blend consists of polystyrene (PS) and polybutadiene (PB)deposited on silicon. PS forms islands within the PB matrix.

3D overlay of the phase over topography

Phase response shown as color overlay on the 3D topography. Small inclusions of PB can be identified within the PS island by the phase signal.
Data processing: Gwyddion
Image size: 20 µm
Phase range: 15 degrees

Phase signal recorded on PS-PB blend

Phase response recorded simultaneously with the topography of the PS-PB blend.
Data processing: Gwyddion
Cantilever: PPP-NCSTR
Image size: 20 µm
Height range: 15 degrees

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