AFM image of butterfly wings

Butterfly wings are fragile biological nanostructures that derive their colour both from the structure of the scale cells on their surface and from pigment grains.

Colloidal spectroscopy of HeLa cells using FluidFM

The image shows a AFM measurement of these optically invisible, fragile structure of a Butterfly wing.
The measurement was done in "Dynamic Force" operating mode.

Colloidal spectroscopy of HeLa cells using FluidFM

This image shows the wing of a Peacock Butterfly.
It was measured with a Nanosurf easyScan DFM by Michael Drexel & Walter Freyn. Sample preparation Dr. Eckhard Hartmann (Augsburg University, Biology). Advanced Lab Course 20, Augsburg University, EKM, Experimentalphysik 6.

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