Electrode surface modified with multilayers of Polyoxometalate

Electrode surfaces modified with polyoxometalates have gained much interest in recent years, among others because of their electrocatalytic properties. The functionalization of different electrode surfaces with these inorganic clusters has been reported.

The characterization of the surfaces with analytical tools like Scanning Tunneling Microscopy is, so far, restricted to monolayers of these anions. We have generalized a modification scheme which allows us to tailor the properties of the solid/electrolyte interface by alternate absorption of polyoxometalate anions and selected cations [3,4]. The so-obtained Ionic S elf Assembled Multilayers (ISAM) show interesting redox properties and can be examined with the above mentioned technique.

11nm x 11nm STM image of the crystallite; Vtip=50mV Itip=0.98nA
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